About us

We are a company specialized in industrial manufacturing of products and parts with with CNC and laser in solid wood, plastics and other materials.

We manufacture all kinds of pieces and finished products like furniture and components, lightning, homeware, decoration, packaging and advertising stands among others.

We are specialized in industrial production that requires high quality standards. 

All manufacturing processes are done entirely in our facilities to ensure high quality standards.

We are engaged to respect for the environment so we only work with providers that certify responsible purchase and ensure eficient waste management.

In our facilities we have at your service:

3 axis machining centers to work solid wood and derivatives

CO2 laser to cut and engrave wood, acrylic and others

Specialized machinery to work solid wood: saws, thicknessers, sanding machines, etc

Specific areas to apply finishes, mounting and packing


We apply finishes like ecologic oils and waxes EN71 certified that mantain the wooden touch and protect.

We also apply finishes like dyes and others custom made.

In case of requirement we also handle finished products by mounting, assembling, packing and dispatching.